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50 Marvellous Golf Blogs You Should Follow For Inspiration

By 26th April 2016 No Comments

When it comes to sports, we all have a favourite journalist or blog that we turn to for the latest news. This is particularly true for the game that is older than the hills – golf.

Fans have devoted more words to golf than to most other sports. Of course, to keep up with technology, these words have been uploaded to the virtual space. As we enter the modern era, weekly news-stand publications become second-fiddle to blogs that publish real-time updates.

The only problem with this change in tempo is the fact that there are literally too many golf blogs and online resources that are misinforming their readers. The only way for beginners to understand golf, and for professionals to find the information that they are looking for, is by consulting reliable sources.

To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we have created a list of 50 trustworthy golf blogs that you should be following. These bloggers are not only extremely knowledgeable in the art of golf, but they also have a knack for making their audience laugh, thus transforming pro golf-viewing in an unforgettable experience.

Disclaimer: The sites are not in order of preference or value. I have simply listed the most reliable online sources for golf lovers.

1. MyGolfSpy

Official site: MyGolfSpy | Facebook Fans: 23,819 | Twitter Fans: 31,9K

Let’s break the ice with Tony Covey’s great blog: MyGolfSpy, also known as the top-secret golf site. Tony’s coverage of golf equipment extends beyond mere facts. He gives power to the readers by frequently asking for their opinion and input (e.g. he is currently recruiting testers for PING’s crossovers).

MyGolfSpy shares a tonne of useful information, including buyer’s guides, reviews for everything golf-related, and updates on great deals. There is also a community forum where readers can introduce themselves, share opinions about equipment, enter contests, and more.

2. GolfBlogger

Official site: Golf Blogger | Facebook Fans: 416 | Twitter Fans: 8,3K

Next, on our list of Golf blogs worth reading is GolfBlogger, the internet’s oldest and most prestigious golf site. I’m willing to bet that GolfBlogger has the answer to any question you might have. The blog has probably also reviewed everything you could think of, from golf courses & equipment, to gadgets, software, and accessories.

On the Newswire section of GolfBlogger, you can expect to find the latest information from the world of golf, and the Tee Time section allows visitors to book their next golf adventure.

3. Golf Stinks

Official site: Golf Stinks | Facebook Fans: 815 | Twitter Fans: 4,5K

Golf Stink’s motto is “A golf blog for the rest of us”. The premise of the blog was to create an online source for golfers that “stink” According to Pete, Chris, Greg, and Tom, you don’t have to be very good at golf to love it. As a matter of fact, coming to grips with the fact that you’re not very good can be liberating.

For this reason, GolfStinks doesn’t publish news about the latest happenings of the PGA tour, or advanced guides for golfers. However, it does publish funny & insightful articles about equipment prices, great plays, golf-related gifts, and useful tips.

In other words, a golf lover who doesn’t want to improve his handicap can find all the info he needs for a fun weekend here, on GolfStinks.

4. Bunker’s Paradise

Official site: Bunker’s Paradise| Facebook Fans: 15,964 | Twitter Fans: 12,2K

Bunker Paradise’s mission is to provide its readers with the “latest and greatest from the world of golf”. They’re doing a pretty good job.

On this blog you will discover comprehensive product reviews from major companies, including Nike Golf, Cobra, Wilson, Callaway, or Taylor Made, as well as tournament predictions and exclusive information about the world’s greatest golfers.

Bunkers Paradise used to have an incredibly active forum, but it is deactivated at the moment. Other sections include golf tips & tutorials, videos, and deals. One thing I really liked about Bunkers Paradise is the fact that it also has an entertaining quiz on the homepage.

5. Wei Under Par

Official site: Wei Under Par | Facebook Fans: 23,819 | Twitter Fans: 31,9K

Number five on our list if an incredible blog created by a female influencer. Wei Under Par is run by golf broadcaster, Fox Sports reporter & writer Stephanie Wei. She is well-known in the golf industry for her great coverage and unique insights provided to PGA Tour & LPGA tournaments.

With over 31,900 Twitter and 23,000 Facebook fans, it is clear that Stephanie knows her stuff. Her well-worded articles and accurate reporting will surely please any golfer who wants to stay on top of the news.

6. Golf Shake

Official site: Golf Shake | Facebook Fans: 12,688 | Twitter Fans: 25,9K

Not interested in the latest golf news? Then you might want to brush up on your technical knowledge. GolfShake is one of the best online resources for golf players who truly want to play better. In order to help, the blog provides a robust golf score tracker and golf handicap system, which can be accessed by registering an account.

In addition to this, GolfShake also provides its audience with inspiring content, extensive equipment reviews, golf course guides, and video tutorials. There is also a great forum where users can share advice or organise meet-ups & events.

7. Golf Tripper

Official site: Golf Tripper| Facebook Fans: 23,819 | Twitter Fans: 31,9K

GolfTripper is the ultimate resource for golf course reviews. The writers (including Bill Satterfield) personally test and review some of the best gold clubs & courses in the United States. Golf Tripper has covered over 240 clubs in states like Oregon, New York, Indiana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and more. Most of the clubs that appear in Golf Digest’s & Golf Magazine’s TOP 100 rankings have been covered by Golf Tripper.

The website isn’t updated very often (sometimes it can take even a few months for a new review to be published), but the content already available is more than enough for golf enthusiasts. Steve periodically posts random musings and opinion pieces about the latest tournaments and industry in general.

8. The Hackers Paradise

Official site: Hackers Paradise | Facebook Fans: 3,600 | Twitter Fans: 8,7K

Are you looking for an all-encompassing online media outlet about the golf life-style? Look no further! The Hacker’s Paradise has all the information you need. The blog combines various forms of media (e.g. podcasts, written content, newsletters, videos, etc.) to educate golfers and improve the relationship between companies & consumers.

The Hackers Paradise periodically publishes unbiased equipment reviews, tour information, and useful tips on its forum section. THP has also launched its own radio in the spring of 2010 - one of the best places to find out more info about the industry’s recent developments.

9. Hooked on Golf Blog

Official site: Hooked on Golf | Facebook Fans: 1,665 | Twitter Fans: 3,400

Tony Korologos established the Hooked on Golf Blog back in 2004. Twelve years later he continues to publish guides and share his passion for golf with others. His blog is an enormous resource with over 5,000 published equipment & course reviews, tour news, interviews, golf fitness, and play style tips.

Tony is a pretty good amateur golfer (1-3 handicap). He shares actionable advice that will definitely help you improve at golf.

10. Golf Channel

Official site: GolfChannel | Facebook Fans: 504,870 | Twitter Fans: 572K

The GolfChannel is not really a blog, more like an online news outlet, but it should be a go-to online resource for any golf fan. On it you will find the latest news from the golf world, opinion & analysis pieces, photo galleries with your favourite golfers, great videos, and thought-provoking commentaries from other readers.

11. Andrew Rice Golf

Official site: Andrew Rice Golf| Facebook Fans: 5,377 | Twitter Fans: 13,6K

What better way to learn golf than by reading the advice shared by one of the best instructors in the world? Andrew Rice, the director of Instruction at the Savannah Harbour Club, has been teaching golf for the last 25 years.

Andrew believes that technology can help golfers improve their abilities, and will periodically share his opinion on relevant golf technology. Despite the fact that his blog isn’t updated very often, it contains actionable golf tips & videos (e.g. The Complete Impact Collection).

12. SirShanksAlot

Official site: SirShanksAlot | Facebook Fans: 733 | Twitter Fans: 1,307

Sir Shanks a lot is another solid online resource for golfers. The blog shares useful reviews, particularly for clubs (hybrids, fairway wood, driver, wedge, iron, and shafts) and news pieces. You can also read comprehensive guides for beginners (e.g. “How to get More Distance”, “How to Fix your Shank”, “How to Fix your Slice” etc.).

SirShanksAlot also has an incredibly useful shaft directory that is periodically updated with the latest specifications of nearly every shaft on the market (you can find it here).

13. Geoff Shackelford

Official site: Geoff Shackelford | Facebook Fans: - | Twitter Fans: 31,6K

Geoff Shackelford is one of the most influential contributing writers of Golf World magazine and a contributing editor for Golf Digest. He has studied golf courses all over the world and has taken a keen interest in “classic courses”.

Geoff also teaches golf course restoration at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. But wait, there’s more. Geoff is also the author of 11 books, the most notable ones being “Grounds of Golf: The History and Fundamentals of Golf Course Design”, and “The Future of Golf”.

As you can see, he boasts an impressive sports portfolio. On his blog, created in partnership with Golf Digest, he shares technique tips and covers championship reporting. If you are looking to learn more from a reliable golf expert, you should definitely check out his blog.

14. Golf Magic

Official site: Golf Magic | Facebook Fans: 3,211 | Twitter Fans: 7,4K

Number 14 on our list of golf blogs is a site that attracts hundreds of thousands of golf enthusiasts every month: GolfMagic. The online magazine is also Europe’s largest digital golf publication, since 1999.

GolfMagic provides its audience with up-to-minute reporting and news, in-depth reviews for the latest golf equipment, tour information, course overviews, and more. The digital outlet also has an active forum with an ever-expanding community, where gold enthusiasts can exchange opinions.

15. TheSandTrap

Official site: The Sand Trap | Facebook Fans: 684 | Twitter Fans: 2,089

Humble opinion: the SandTrap has the best golf forum on the internet. It really makes a difference in a digital world where interaction is limited. Over-zealous moderators aside, the website’s forum is one of the best places you can visit if you want to really talk golf.

But this isn’t all. SandTrap also offers exclusive coverage, real-time news, great swing tips, commentary, and opinion pieces. There is even a weekly podcast series that you can access.

16. ArmChair Golf Blog

Official site: ArmChair Golf | Facebook Fans: 3,205 | Twitter Fans: 36K

Neil Sagebiel created the “Armchair Golf Blog” to celebrate the wonderful game of golf. What I like about his site is the fact that he does not isolate beginners. Visitors will find interesting information regardless of their skill level.

Visitors will also find some very interesting interviews on the Armchair Golf Blog, with celebrities like Cristie Kerr and Paula Creamer. This blog does exactly as its name suggests: it enables golf fans to taste the game from the comfort of their home, or armchair.

17. No Laying Up

Official site: No Laying Up | Facebook Fans: 426 | Twitter Fans: 38,1K

No Laying Up is one of my favourite Golf blogs. It is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of complicated tutorials and valuable, yet tiresome, equipment & course reviews. Their article “How to Act Like a Tour Pro” made me laugh like a little school girl.

No Laying Up is very different from the golf blogs that you are used to because it combines humorous observation with accurate reporting that transpires from a strong passion for the game. This is one of the few golf blogs that writes about things that really matter. Sure, most of the blogs on the list share useful tips and guides, but very few actually dive into the heart of the problem and empathise with the viewer.

Great Article: Eye on CBS (an intervention)

18. Hitting the Green

Official site: Hitting the Green | Facebook Fans: 466 | Twitter Fans: 730

“Hitting the Green” was created by Robert Green, a golf enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in playing golf. The blog shares a plethora of useful advice –especially for beginners-, as well as unbiased equipment reviews, course information, fitness advice, and videos.

Robert has also written a book, called “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Golf” that also shares invaluable advice about the psychological aspect of the game.

19. Golf Week Magazine

Official site: Golf Week | Facebook Fans: 65,198 | Twitter Fans: 83,7K

Like Golf Channel, Golf Week is an absolute must-read for any sports enthusiast. On this site, you will be able to view scoreboards of on-going tournaments, current rankings for male & female pro golfers, and insightful news articles.

You might want to hit the refresh button as often as possible during events because the editors at Golf Week take their reporting seriously.

20. Golf Vacation Insider

Official site: Golf Vacation Insider | Facebook Fans: 3,661 | Twitter Fans: 520

Some people play golf competitively. Others to pass the time. There are also a select few that play golf to travel. Golf Vacation Insider provides priceless golf travel tips for them. The online publication works closely with the editors of Golf Odyssey, to provide readers with unbiased, high-quality golf travel advice.

Apart from the usual course reviews and travel tips, Golf Vacation Insider also shares some really interesting info about great places to eat or drink, lesser known golf course architects, and more. If you’re interested in travelling and golfing you should join the site’s 400,000 subscribers for exclusive info.

21. SB Nation Golf

Official site: SB Nation Golf | Facebook Fans: 1,17M | Twitter Fans: 236K

SB Nation is a huge digital media outlet for sports fans. Naturally, it also has a section for golf news. While Golf Channel and Golf Week share great news, I am more of a SB Nation fan, particularly of Emily Kay’s accurate reporting.

22. Your Golf Travel Blog

Official site: MyGolfSpy | Facebook Fans: 17,661 | Twitter Fans: 24,3K

Your Golf Travel is a great online service that will help you find the best deals for more than 3,500 golf destinations. The company also has a beautiful & informative blog, called “19th hole”, where visitors can read golf course reviews, equipment guides, and news articles. The “Your Golf Travel” blog is updated regularly, so I suggest hitting the Facebook like button or following them on Twitter.

23. How to Break 80

Official site: How to Break 80 | Facebook Fans: 1,941 | Twitter Fans: 3,1K

Jack Moorehouse is a golf enthusiast who has had the pleasure of playing with many professional golfers. He is also the owner of How to Break 80, a blog that has the sole mission to teach it readers how to break 80.

“According to a NGT Research, there are more than 60 million golfers in the world today and fewer than half will ever break 100. 30% will break 90. However, only 5% will ever break 80.” – Source: How to Break 80, About Page

To help his readers “break 80”, Jack shares no-nonsense guides and tips on topics such as ‘building a swing you can trust’, ‘how to choose the right golf ball’, etc. You can also subscribe to his email newsletter for more insights.

24. Adam Young Golf

Official site: Adam Young Golf | Facebook Fans: 1,467 | Twitter Fans: 2,6K

If you still haven’t found a blog with golf tips that you like, you might enjoy reading Adam Young’s golf tips. Adam combines his technical knowledge with his deep understanding of the human mind to help golfers improve their skills. You can read some of his guides on the blog or request an online coaching session with him.

25. Eye on Golf

Official site: Eye on Golf

“Eye on Golf” is part of the CBS Sports online network. On this micro-blog you will be able to view news about the Masters Tournament & the world’s best golfers, leader boards, live scores, schedules, and more. If you’re too lazy to read you can also check out the video gallery on “Eye on Golf”

26. Golf Patents

Official site: Golf-Patents | Twitter Fans: 642

There’s not much to say about this blog, except the fact that, as the name states, it is all about Golf Patents. The blog was established in 2007 by David Dasey, a patent attorney with a love for the game. Expect to find all the information you need about intellectual property issues regarding the golf industry here.

27. Golf Tip Reviews

Official site: Golf Tip Reviews | Facebook Fans: 994 | Twitter Fans: 398

The owner of GolfTipReviews is a self-taught golf player and a pretty decent one at that. He believes that most golf players lack the fundamentals and that freely-given advice that can be found online is not always correct.

“Playing better golf is good for your career. It is good for your state of mind. It is good for your playing partners. It's just good. I can help you get there. Especially if you don't play very often due to the other pressing demands of your life.” – Source: GolfTipReviews About Page

Apart from the occasional golf poem or video, most of the content on GolfTipReviews is educational. If you’re new to the sport, you can definitely learn a thing or two by reading the tutorials published on the site.

28. Global Golf

Official site: Global Golf | Facebook Fans: 14,042 | Twitter Fans: 7,7K

Global golf is a specialised retailer that provides high-quality equipment, accessories, apparel, and pretty much anything you could possibly need to improve your game. Discounts and offers aside, the site also has a great blog that features tips from PGA professionals, news articles, product reviews, and more.

Check it out!

29. Golf Girl’s Diary

Official site: Golf Girl’s Diary| Facebook Fans: 1,092 | Google+ Fans: 4,705

The Golf Girl’s Diary is one of the first golf blogs edited by a woman. It is a great addition to a seemingly never-ending list of technical blogs, and it brings something completely unique to the world of golf blogging: a powerful female voice.

“In the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal Patricia has become a go-to voice for the female perspective on gender issues in golf.” – Source: Golf Girl’s Diary

Another thing that I really appreciate about the Golf Girl’s Diary is the fact that it shares great fashion tips for female bloggers.

30. The Golf News

Official site: TheGolfNews | Facebook Fans: 3,287 | Twitter Fans: 1,812

Had enough of golf news blogs? If you are as passionate as we think you are, the answer is probably no. Golf News is another great digital news outlet dedicated to the magnificent game we all love.

31. Golf is Mental

Official site: Golf is Mental | Facebook Fans: 74 | Twitter Fans: 3,1K

Golf has been a part of Josh’s life ever since he was a young boy. His blog, “Golf is Mental”, was born from a strong desire to share his experiences & knowledge with others.

“The worst swing is one you don’t learn something from.”

Check out his site to find out more about golf courses, equipment, and apparel. Josh also reviews apps, shares championship predictions, and insightful information about the sport that we’ve all come to love.

32. Breaking Eighty

Official site: Breaking Eighty | Facebook Fans: 2,362| Twitter Fans: 12K

As I already mentioned, there are countless golf blogs out there, and many of them are misinforming beginners. Even worse, some are written for professionals, leaving amateur golfers with a lot of questions. Sean’s goal is to help beginners break into golf.

“My name is Sean, and I created Breaking Eighty because it’s a golf side that I would want to read.”

On Breaking Eighty you will mainly find comprehensive golf product reviews and course ratings (Sean’s goal is to play and review the Top 100 and Top 100 Public Courses before he hits 35).

33. Let’s Talk Golf

Official site: Let’s Talk Golf| Facebook Fans: 24 | Twitter Fans: 2,298

Want to talk Golf? Check out the “Let’s Talk Golf” for the latest information about golf betting and golf experts.

34. Golf State of Mind

Official site: Golf State of Mind | Facebook Fans: 10,724 | Twitter Fans: 1,714

Golf State of Mind was created by David MacKenzie to help golfers improve their game. But it doesn’t share tips on how to improve your swing. The blog aims to help players build mental toughness and become more confident.

“Golf is a very mental game. Unless you know what you’re doing on the mental side, you’ll continuously get in your own way and fail to reach your potential.”

35. Links Life Golf

Official site: Links Life Golf  Twitter Fans: 331

“Links Life Golf” is a blog for the everyday golfer. On it you will find information about golf books, courses, training tips, travel information, and the golfing lifestyle in general.

36. Irish Golf Desk

Official site: Irish Golf Desk | Facebook Fans: 1,475 | Twitter Fans: 12,6K

Interested in the latest news from the world of golf? Want to quickly check live scores for on-going tournaments? Check out the IrishGolfDesk for accurate reporting, great articles, and more.

37. Gorilla Golf Blog

Official site: Gorilla Golf Blog | Facebook Fans: 3,452 | Twitter Fans: 3,478

The blogosphere is teeming with bloggers who claim to be something they’re not. For someone who really wants to learn how to play golf, taking advice from the wrong people can be damaging to his/her performance.

“There are 790 golf blogs cramming the internet and our mission is that becomes a unique and fun place to visit for passionate golfers and would-be golfers.” – Tommy Priest

The Gorilla Golf Blog is different in the sense that it, not only provides information about golf techniques, it also delves into the subculture and lifestyle of this great sport. So, if you’re looking for a website that will help understand every aspect of being a golfer, check out the Gorilla Golf Blog.

38. Hitting it Solid

Official site: Hitting it Solid | Facebook Fans: 23,819 | Twitter Fans: 31,9K

“Hitting it Solid” shares solid swinging tips for weekend golfers. The blog was founded by Troy Vayanos, an amateur golf guru who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. On his blog you will also find unbiased equipment reviews, and golf news.

39. Front9Back9

Official site: Front 9 Back 9 | Facebook Fans: 57 | Twitter Fans: 2,3K

Number 39 on our long list of golf blogs is Ryan’s Front9Back9. As is the case with most golf blogs out there, Front9Back9 was also born out of a passion for the game. Ryan usually covers championship news, golf courses & equipment. He also put together a great resource page that contains everything you need to know about the game.

40. Golf Dash Blog

Official site: Golf Dash Blog | Facebook Fans: 67 | Twitter Fans: 1,2K

The Golf Dash Blog, founded in 2006 by John Diekmann and Doug Farrick, is one of the oldest & most authoritative online media outlets in the industry.

What will you find on Golf Dash Blog?

· Golf equipment reviews

· Golf mental games

· Golf guides & tips

· Interviews with golf experts

· A very interesting podcast series where golf experts share their cutting-edge knowledge.

41. Golf Now Blog

Official site: Golf Now Blog | Facebook Fans: 134,053 | Twitter Fans: 26,4K

GolfNow’s goal is to grow the game of golf by keeping players connected by offering tee times for over 6,000 courses around the world. The company operates in more than 16 countries, including the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Golf Now also boasts an impressive blog where it shares useful information about the world’s best golf courses, apps, and equipment.

42. Golf, Travel, & Leisure

Official site: Golf, Travel, & Leisure| Facebook Fans: 206 | Twitter Fans: 520

Jane & Dave Finn, the owners of “Golf, Travel, and Leisure”, have travelled extensively throughout the world and tested some of the most incredible golf courses along the way. Their articles and photos have been showcased in a number of reputable publications such as Golf Oklahoma, Canadian Golf Magazine, The Province newspaper, and more.

Together with their team of writers they share golf course reviews and round-ups that every golf enthusiast should read before hitting the green.

43. Golf and Course

Official site: Golf and Course| Facebook Fans: 725 | Twitter Fans: 1,3K

Golf and Course is one of the most reliable online sources for Golf news. Besides the fact that it covers the latest golf news, the blog also has a “Golf humour” section where you can read all about the drunken golfer who got his head stuck in a bin, or the guy who wrestled a crocodile for his golf ball. Great stuff.

“Our news section covers the latest PGA Tour and European Tour news with a PGA professional golfer directory, so you can follow your favourite player’s stats, form, and schedule.”

44. Aussie Golfer

Official site: Aussie Golfer | Facebook Fans: 4,877 | Twitter Fans: 6,2K

The Aussie Golfer blog was born out of the desire to discuss everyday concerns of the “have a drink after a round” golfer. Michael Green, the founder of the blog, says that golf always found a way back into his life. He know shares his opinions & tips on this delightful corner of the internet.

What you can find on Aussie Golfer:

· Golf videos

· News articles

· Golf tips

· Fun stuff

· Golf Rules

45. Golf Monthly

Official site: Golf Monthly | Facebook Fans: 53,488 | Twitter Fans: 75,8K

Gear reviews, instructable articles, news pieces, education podcasts & videos can all be found on the U.K.’s leading online media outlet: Golf Monthly.

46. Go Bunkers

Official site: Go Bunkers | Facebook Fans: 156 | Twitter Fans: 209

Number 32 on our list is “GoBunkers”, a great travel and golf blog, all packed into one. Deborah Taylor-Johnson, the owner of the blog, is a retired business owner and course rater for GolfWeek magazine.

47. Golf Digest

Official site: Golf Digest | Facebook Fans: 361,450 | Twitter Fans: 308K

On Golf Digest, you can read the latest news about the world’s greatest golfers and tournaments. This is a must-read online magazine for any golf enthusiast. With a Facebook following of over 350,000 and over 300,000 Twitter fans, Golf Digest clearly demonstrates that it knows its stuff.

48. Golf Gear Geeks

Official site: Golf Gear Geeks

As the name suggests, this blog is about golf gear. Golf Gear Geeks compares and creates lists of the best clothing, gadgets, equipment, and accessories to help its readers decide on the best product. All the articles are designed to answer very important questions, such as:

· What are the Best Golf Pants?

· What are the Best Irons for Beginners? etc.

Subscribe to the Golf Gear Geeks newsletter today to find out more about the best equipment on the market.

49. Ruthless Golf

Official site: Ruthless Golf | Facebook Fans: 193 | Twitter Fans: 60

The blog is filled with extremely useful information, including a huge selection of eBooks written by blogger Mike himself, such as “Think Like a Golfer”, “Stop Coming Over the Top”, or “The Putt Whisperer”, which you should definitely check out. The Route 67 posts are an interesting read - after checking out some PGA stats Mike found a pattern to golf form all linking back to the number 67. I won't spoil the read for you by revealing more!

I also recommend reading the 4-part article entitled “Why the Future of Golf Lies in its Past”.

50. Richard Golf

Official site: Richard Golf

GolfNow’s goal is to grow the game of golf by keeping players connected by offering tee times for over 6,000 courses around the world. The company operates in more than 16 countries, including the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Golf Now also boasts an impressive blog where it shares useful information about the world’s best golf courses, apps, and equipment.

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